• Scott Boice

    Scott Boice

    Therapist, Bow Tie Aficionado, Family Man

  • Levi Michael Edwin Fuaga

    Levi Michael Edwin Fuaga

    I’m a BYU-H Student majoring in English-Creative Writing. I’m enjoy creating art, watching movies and promoting neurodiversity via Instagram and Facebook.

  • Denise Darby

    Denise Darby

    Mom of two. Poet. Life partner of 28 years. Lover of butterflies and all things alive. Seeker of the truth within and between us.

  • Mia Boice

    Mia Boice

  • Maxime Godfroid

    Maxime Godfroid

    Tech & sports enthusiast | Avid runner by day | Podcaster by night | Also a data scientist. Follow me on Twitter @max_godfroid

  • Brucekraftx


  • Cody Barney

    Cody Barney

  • Samuel J. Boice

    Samuel J. Boice

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